We offer devices to control and monitor all kind of instruments. These devices includes CPU Modules, Local Indicator, Input/Output Expansion Cards and much more.

Multi-Function Process meter & Controller FLI400 Series

The FLI400 universal PID process controller offers many features and performance capabilities to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Detailed process information is presented clearly on the FLI400's LCD display and an intuitive operator interface simplifies configuration and operation. 

Smart Pressure Transmitter FT 3351 Series

FT3351 series digital differential pressure transmitter, multi-functional smart pressure transmitter, is designed for industrial pressure measurement applications.

Pressure Transmitter FPT74 Series

The FPT74 series of pressure transmitters are designed for high volume and low cost OEM industrial and commercial applications in the measurement of gas and liquid pressures. 

Metal Foil Strain Gauge Pressure Transmitter MFPT74 Series

The MFPT74 series of strain gauge pressure transmitters are designed for pressure measurement of viscous fluids or fluids with media containing solids applications.This transmitter is widely used in food, medicine and beverage and specifically sewerage industries.

Smart Temperature Transmitter 4-20 mA

Smart and universal 2-wire transmitters for temperature and other measurement applications.

FRI-74 Loop powered Field Remote Indicator

The LCD display is fit for all of the transmitters and converters with 4~20mA 2-wire technique, just as pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow, PH, acceleration and so on.

Ultrasonic and Radar Level Meters

Ultrasonic Level Meter & Radar Level Meter. The sensor of the meter pulses in the direction of the product surface. There, they are reflected back and received by the sensor.The meter measures the time between pulse transmission and reception. 

Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Flowmeter

A flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid moving through a pipe. We manufacture Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic Flowmeters for customise applications.

Expansion Cards

Supports wide range of digital & analog inputs (4, 7, 8 & 24 channels)

HART Modem Type FM202

Powerful device for connection to All 4-20mA apparatuses for Configuration and callibration via PC and PC-based softwares

SMART Safety Barrier FBR74 Series

This FBR74 isolated barrier is used for intrinsic safety applications.
The device supplies 2-wire and 3-wire SMART transmitters in a hazardous area, and can also be used with 2-wire smart current sources or universal temperature sensor input.
It transfers the analog input signal to the safe area as an isolated current value.

Temperature Sensor and Thermowell

Two of most accurate and commonly used temperature sensors are RTD & Thermocouple.Thermowells are tubular fittings used to protect temperature sensors installed in industrial processes. 

Local Indicator

Local Indicator/Counter/Totalizer Type FLI310

Current/Potential Transducers

A transducer is a device that converts one form of energy to another. Usually a transducer converts a signal in one form of energy to a signal in another.

Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensor Type SHT15

Stand Alone Controller Type : F7420

Powerfull product to use in Closed Loop Controlling sub-systems capable of reading wide range of temperature inputs and controlling 4-20mA actuators

Orifice Plate & Orifice Flange Union FOP74 & FOF74 Series

Orifice plates are still the most popular flow technology. They provide reliable and accurate flow measurement for gas, liquid and steam applications.

Diaphragm Seal / Remote Seal and Capillary Manufacture

FAHM Co. manufacture a wide range of diaphragm seals for hygienic and chemical applications




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